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Telecommunications is a technological form of information exchange.

The transmission is realized through electromagnetic propagation - e.g., electric wires, radio, light.  

My focus is on wireless technology, which brought me to New York City back in July 2014 as a postdoctoral research fellow at NYU, working on next generation 5G cellular networks. The key idea is to exploit higher frequency bands to achieve multi-Gbps data rates, namely mmWave, as demonstrated in this seminal work conducted by my group at NYU WIRELESS. 

Before moving to NY, towards the end of my PhD, I co-founded a startup - Snapback - that focuses on the design of alternative interfaces to control more naturally mobile technologies like smartphones and wearables. 

Take a look at my TEDx talk, where I provide a non-technical presentation about telecommunications and the future of wireless connectivity. 

If you understand Italian, take a look at this deep dive into 5G, which is part of the Petrolio program produced by RaiUno. 

I express my opinions about the upcoming  communications technology, and share some of our latest 5G projects. 

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In this 5G documentary sponsored by Verizon, I embark on an animated journey that describes the path that enables long-distance video communications. Then, I talk about the 5G millimeter-wave spectrum and what it might unlock. Available on Amazon Prime

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